acceptance speech

I am very proud to be selected as the head of the school council I congratulate all the other candidates for a well fought campaign. I think it is time for the whole school to come together and I promise to be the leader of the student council and try my best to make good changes. I am reaching out to everyone for your guidance and help so we can lead this school to greater things, and by voting for me you will have a better and brighter future in St bedes and St joseph’s catholic college. Working together we will renew our school dreams and this school has tremendous potential and every student has the opportunity to realise their full potential and no one will be forgotten.  we will call up on  the best and the brightest to leverage their tremendous talent to benefit us all and will have great relationships with other schools no dream is too big no challenge is too great and st bedes wuill not settle for anything less than the best. We will deal fairly with everyone and all students with st bedes in t6he middle of our hearts. I would like to thank everybody for the part they played in helping me to come as far as I have and be in this incredible position and worthy position for me.

Thank you everyone, Muhammad Arshad

(Donald trumps victory speech-video)


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