Obituary of Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali, who has died aged 74, was acclaimed by may as the greatest world heavyweight boxing champion the world has ever seen. He was certainly the most charismatic boxer. The courage of Ali inside and outside the ring and his verbal taunting of opponents was legendary.

Ali was first known as Cassius Clay but the astonishing 3 time world champion #was a convert to Islam. He anticipated the anti-Vietnam war movement of the 1960s by refusing to join the armed forces. Furthermore,  Ali was banned from the ring for three years but this didn’t shatter Ali’s dream of becoming the greatest boxer of all time, it just postponed his dream.

By 2005, the worlds greatest boxer received his country’s highest civilian honour. A medal from George Bush. Throughout his boxing career, the remarkable boxer reset the marks. Four years after winning the gold medal at the 1960s Olympic, Muhammad Ali won the professional world heavyweight championship. Still to this day, he remains the only boxer to retain the heavyweight title three times. However, the greatest years of Ali’s boxing career were arguably stolen when he was banned for 3 years.

This phenomenal boxer sadly passed away in early June 2016as his health became worse day by day. Ali made a rare appearance the London 2012 Olympics where he could only walk a few steps but he received rapturous reception from a 100,000 strong crowd.


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